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Joseph Michael


At Markit Digital, our aim is to empower our clients in expanding their enterprises by curating top-tier appointments and nurturing them into devoted clientele.

Recognizing the intense competition across all industries, we comprehend the paramount importance of a robust online presence for companies to shine amidst the crowd. Hence, our array of services is dedicated to steering our clients towards their marketing objectives, encompassing everything from strategic AD campaigns to cutting-edge website design.

Joseph Michael, our visionary founder and owner, boasts over six years of profound marketing expertise. Born and raised in Palm Springs, CA, and later establishing roots in Los Angeles, Joseph cultivated a fervor for marketing. His "Baby", Markit Digital Group, was built with a singular mission: to aid enterprises in fostering their growth through highly effective digital marketing strategies.


We Put YOU First

At Markit Digital, our commitment revolves around prioritizing our clients. We invest the effort to grasp the distinctive requirements of each client, crafting personalized marketing blueprints aligned with their precise objectives. Our devoted team of specialists remains steadfast in keeping pace with the ever-evolving trends and methodologies in digital marketing, guaranteeing that our clients consistently benefit from the utmost effective and streamlined strategies available.


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